Tuesday, May 26, 2009

another card and another excuse

Do you want me to start with the card or the excuse?

Okay, the excuse first. After we got back from Florida, we were home for a week only to find out my grandma died. So back to Cleveland we went for her funeral. I am sad that she died but at the same time I am happy for her. She was going to be 101 in September. She was miserable and begged daily for someone to "Dr. Kevorkian" her. I told her I couldn't help her as they frown upon that kind of thing...... Anyhow, she died in her sleep on May 18th. I am sad because I am remembering her when I was growing up and all the things we did together. But she hasn't been that person for a long time. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a kid when things were easy.......

On to the card.....I made this for my dad's birthday. It's similar to the sunflower card I made for my husband. (see two posts back) The stamp is Stampendous "Sunny Flowers". The paper is Pinecone Press "ribbon weave and candy dots". It's a double sided cardstock. Used the nesties for the circle. I colored the image in with copics. For the inside I used my prismacolor pencils. I love the way the colors blend. I gave the card to my dad blank. That way, if he has to send a card he has one to use instead of having to run out and buy one. Is that cheap? I think I'm being "green". Reduse, reuse, recycle. Especially since my dad is not a pack rat. He's not one to save a bunch of stuff for sentimental reasons. Too practical.

A big "Hi" to my cousin, Al. He likes to check out my blog on occasion, or so he tells me. I think that brings the total of followers to three.....

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