Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just had to boys are grounded! They acted up on the bus so the driver took them back to the school and I had to pick them up from the principals office. That was lots of fun considering my van was up on the jack in the garage while my dad changed the brakes. Had to borrow a car, switch car seats, the boys are now grounded from friends, TV and the DS for one week!

My question is: Who is actually being grounded? The boys or me? It's a constant "mom, can I watch TV, I'm going to watch it anyway.....can I play the DS? (insert whining here) Why?????, but mooooommmmmm!!!!" So I ask, who is the one actually suffering???

As for sitting at the craft table to work on a project, well might as well just forget that......

Incidentally it took 22 minutes to type this.........

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