Monday, June 15, 2009

While I'm typing this I am awaiting the pretty little card to upload. It's probably going to be sideways. Again.....don't know how to fix it...... I just love this little stamp from Sarah Kay, called "Spring Blossoms". OMG it loaded straight!!! I colored with my copics. The dp is "Que sera sera" from K&Company that I picked up at Michael's for a discount. I used a Martha doily punch, one of my favs.

The weekend was uneventful, as in no real kid mishaps. The boys had track and field at school Friday afternoon. Erik won the long jump (or as he puts it, "running and jumping in the sand"), and came in second in both "throwing the heavy ball", and the speed race. He looked behind him to see where 'Logan' was and 'Logan' was apparently passing him to come in first in the race. Duh! Run fast, cross the finish line and then look to see where the other guy is!

Leo chose not to participate in the track and field events and wandered off back into the classroom where the teacher found him later and put him on a time out for, can you guess?...........Wandering off without telling someone. I just don't know where these boys get their independent streaks from.

Saturday saw the dragon boat races for a little while, Sunday went to Marineland which was ridiculously busy, then to Queenston Hts park, where the splash-pad was NOT running. Came home and swam in the neighbors pool. Like I said, quite uneventful........

I'll try to have better stories for you later......guess I'll have to feed the kids a couple spoonfuls of sugar before school........(which, for you americans, is out June 26th).

Friday, June 12, 2009


I made these cards for Father's day. One is for my daddy and one for the FIL. I used paper from Scenic Route "Providence/Richmond St". The stamps are CTMH "Worlds Best Dad" and "I am" from the Tickled Pink collection. I popped the flowers with pop dots. I really like em!!

Now, seriously.....I get a note from the teacher today about my younger son in junior kindergarten. It seems he decided to be stubborn and not participate in the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) session. The teaching assistant tried to redirect him to participate and he tried to spit on her and since he missed and dribbled on himself, he stuck out his tongue instead. Seriously, where do they learn this stuff????? It's not like I'm going around spitting on their dad or sticking my tongue out at people........ Is it the TV? Scooby Doo isn't doing it either.

Well I'm back to suffering, I mean he is grounded again. No DS for two days. Then I wonder why I'm putting Bailey's in my coffee.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Okay, I found time...

Howdy all! The week is finally over and I was able to find some time to sit at the craft table and work on a couple of projects. It was usually after I put the kids to bed. Bedtime was on time this week too. I guess all the whining wore them out. I am thankful the week of grounding is over. I suffered more than they did. Though, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what I ground them from, they will whine about it. "It's so unfair." "This is the worst day ever." "Why can't I do/get/have....?" If I had grounded them from eating lemons for a week they would have complained about their lack of lemon intake all day.... Puuulleeease!!!!

This is a layout I did using the CTMH Workshops on the Go template. I tried to show pictures of each page individually, however, everytime I upload the picture it comes out sideways. So I give up. Anyhow, this paper pack is called "Bella" and that it is. I love the colors and who says you can't use pink and purple for boys?? I had to alter the layout to accomodate my picture sizes, but it was relatively easy to do.

I'm trying to put together a workshop for my 'peeps', so if you're in the area, let me know if you want to join!!

Got a couple more projects, so stay tuned in the next couple days and I'll post them!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just had to boys are grounded! They acted up on the bus so the driver took them back to the school and I had to pick them up from the principals office. That was lots of fun considering my van was up on the jack in the garage while my dad changed the brakes. Had to borrow a car, switch car seats, the boys are now grounded from friends, TV and the DS for one week!

My question is: Who is actually being grounded? The boys or me? It's a constant "mom, can I watch TV, I'm going to watch it anyway.....can I play the DS? (insert whining here) Why?????, but mooooommmmmm!!!!" So I ask, who is the one actually suffering???

As for sitting at the craft table to work on a project, well might as well just forget that......

Incidentally it took 22 minutes to type this.........