Sunday, December 28, 2008

After a week off...

Hi all! Merry Christmas to everyone! We just got home from our trip to Dad's. The kids enjoyed their visit from Santa on the 24th. Of course the next morning looked like a Toys R Us truck exploded in the living room.....the boys loved all their new stuff and of course wanted more when we went out shopping later in our trip.

We did a little shopping the day after Christmas. We didn't find any fabulous deals. The research groups and economists seem to think we're in a big recession and are projecting sales to be down by 2 - 4% from last year. That's it? While I was at the stores there were tons and tons of people buying stuff. I could understand if the projections are 20 - 30% down from last year. I don't get it. Then again I'm not an economist.

Did anyone else have some wild weather lately? We left 3 feet of snow behind when we left and came home five days later to 60 degree weather. Thank god the sump pump worked!! We drove thru some water over the streets in a few places. Kinda scary in the dark! Today there was crazy wind. A few neighbor's lost some shingles from their roofs. Global warming I tell ya!

Oh, for all you Calgarians, one of your puzzles showed up in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Christmas day. It was this GIGANTIC crossword puzzle with something like 660 clues both across and down. My dh started it, I took a couple tries and so did my brother and we're still not done!!! Guess I need to go give it another shot!

Hopefully I can post a project a little later. The same thing that was plaguing me downloading pictures is happening again....

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